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Southampton automatic doors

Are you looking for the highest quality automatic doors available to buy in Southampton? Or do you already own automatic doors and would like them to receive the best check-up treatment? Then look no further than RTJ Automation to supply and maintain all your Southampton automatic doors.

Automatic door services in Southampton Southampton automatic doors

Choosing to install automatic doors in Southampton warehouses and commercial properties is a wise investment to make. Southampton automatic doors are a fantastic method of security, and very hard to break as we use a toughened glass that is 5 times stronger than regular glass. Automatic doors are elegant and attractive to look at; plus ideal for locations that feature heavy foot traffic as these doors are designed to open and close quickly multiple times any given day.

Sliding automatic doors

Unlike other suppliers of automatic doors in Southampton, when you get your sliding doors installed by RTJ Automation, you have the ability to choose from a variety of extra features that will personalise your doors to make them more precise to your building needs. You can customise your doors with any of the following high-tech operators and security features:

  • Pocket screens or barriers
  • Access control system integration
  • Interface to fire alarm
  • Interface to smoke detection systems
  • Battery back up
  • Emergency break-out facility
  • Push pad entry
  • Radar entry
  • Threshold and side safety

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More information about RTJ Automation

When you hire our team at RTJ Automation to do work of any variety on your Southampton automatic doors, you will be receiving a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our team has been in the industrial and commercial door industry for decades now, and the proof is in the work we produce.

We only use the latest and most advanced technology available on the market to complete work on your Southampton automatic doors. In our massive warehouse we include fantastic CNC machinery, to help us in our quest for reaching and delivering perfection. These computer operating machines have been advanced to control all different types of machine tools; such as lathes, milles, routers and grinders, and help us ensure that all work we complete is intricately perfect.

At RTJ Automatic, we pride ourselves of the high-quality of our industrial and commercial door installation. We ensure that the automatic doors we produce are durable, impenetrable and also attractive in appearance by using the best metals and materials available on the market to create our doors.

Our gallery

To see photographic examples of the automatic doors and other doors our team have installed in Southampton properties, view our gallery.

Contact us today

To receive the best Southampton automatic doors services including fabrication, installations and repairs, choose the best in the business and call RTJ Automation. Speak to a member of our automatic doors Ringwood team today on 01425 489583 and let our team make your property more attractive and stronger in resilience to possible threats.