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Roller Shutters Ringwood

Are you in the commercial sector? Are you looking for secure doors for your property? At RTJ Automation and Maintenance, we recommend that you invest in our roller shutters in Ringwood. We are a company who are dedicated to supplying efficient and effective door fittings to companies in the commercial and industrial sectors. As a result, we know what doors should best be used for each organisation that uses are services.

The function of our roller shutters in Ringwood

Our roller shutters in Ringwood have become increasingly popular with many of our clients because of the advantageous functions that they bring. These functions include:

Transparent slats

If you are a high street retail store, we understand that you will want roller shutters that won’t detract customers from your store. Why not think about installing our transparent roller shutters. These are specifically designed to allow customers to window shop while also protecting your goods.


One of the most important aspects when installing a door to your property is to ensure it offers the most advanced security available. We understand that the protection of your goods is your highest priority. Install our security roller shutters and you will benefit from the resilient material that will protect your property from vandalism and theft.

Ease of access at Roller Shutters Ringwood

At RTJ Automation and Maintenance, we find ways to improve the access to your buildings using automotive technology. Specifically, our electric operators use a remote or key fob access that will close your door with just a press of a button.

So when you let us install roller shutters to your property in Ringwood, you will be implementing an effective door system that is easily accessible while also providing the security you need.

Insulating properties

Our roller shutters are known for their insulating properties. The insulation of our roller shutters will prevent you from wasting expenses on energy bills because of a draught in your building. Our superb manufacture ensures that your property is kept at a stable temperature all day and night.

Complementing attractive designs

When you choose RTJ Automation and Maintenance to fit your roller shutters in Ringwood, we choose designs that will complement the characteristic and designs of your property. We are proud that our roller shutters bring both attractive style and strength to properties in Ringwood.

Read through the Ringwood roller shutters we will install when you choose RTJ Automation and Maintenance’s door services.

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Do you need our Ringwood roller shutters?

We supply our Ringwood roller shutters to the following locations and industries:

  • Car parks
  • Garages
  • Kitchens
  • Retailers
  • Schools
  • Warehouses/ loading bays

If you have been tempted to install our secure roller shutters to your Ringwood property, then get in touch with RTJ Automation and Maintenance today. Email our office at [email protected] or call 01425 489583.