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Automatic Doors

RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited Automatic Doors offers customers a vast selection of Automatic Doors to suit your property needs. If you require installation of automatic doors, general maintenance or more, RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited is the company to choose for your automatic doors needs.

Sliding Door Operator 

A sliding door operator is perfect for properties that receive a high amount of pedestrian traffic like public buildings or retail outlets. RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited supplies customers with a wide selection of sliding door operators that combine high performance technology with the latest innovative operating systems. If you require a door that opens quietly and is relatively low maintenance, the sliding door operator is a great addition for any property.

Automatic Doors In Dorset

All sliding door operator provided by RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited can be adapted to meet your door and individual requirements. Choosing one of our sliding door operators is a superb space saving solution and will enable easy access to your property for everyone. Our sliding door operators will help to make your property more energy efficient and will prevent loss of energy. Another benefit of our sliding door operators is that they are an economical automatic door option. It is also one of the most reliable entrance solutions for any property.

We provide the following in our sliding door operators:

• Anodised Aluminium or RAL Colour Finish
• Threshold and Side Safety
• Push Pad or Radar Entry
• Emergency Break-out Facility
• Battery Back Up
• Interface to Fire Alarm/Smoke Detection Systems
• Access Control Systems Integration
• Pocket Screens or Barriers

Our sliding door operators are perfect for installation in schools, libraries, hotel reception entrance lobbies and many more.

Automatic Doors by RTJ Autiomation

Telescopic Door

Telescopic doors combine all the advantages of automatic sliding doors and more into a door that is accessible for all persons. RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited provides telescopic doors that will provide your property with a maximum opening width while reducing the interior wall space taken up.

Telescopic doors are ideal if you need a compact entrance to process two way traffic effectively in your building. This door style suits offices and sports complexes.

RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited can supply a range of door leaf configurations to fit your property needs like bi-part or a single slide leaf opening operation door for fast door opening.

Bi-Folding Doors

If your property is situated in a narrow passageway with limited space for movement then RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited will provide superb bi-folding doors to suit your property. We have supplied bi-folding doors in many hotel foyers and restaurants.

Bi-folding doors are a wise investment as they allow a maximum level of natural light into your building. All bi-folding doors provided by RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited can be fitted above an opening or between two side walls without the need for further building modification.


Folding and bi-folding doors can be easily integrated into most entrances and will provide your property with the following benefits:

Space Saving
• Push Pad or Radar Entry
• Access Control Systems integration
• Break-out Facility
• Setting options for all parameters of the door

If you would like any more information about our range of Automatic Doors, please contact our team.

Swing Door Operator 

Swing door operators combine both intelligent and modern door technology to create a highly versatile door that can be used as an external or internal swing door. RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited will design and provide a high-quality swing door operator that will provide years of reliable service.

Our swing door operators will be mounted to the inside or outside of the doorway and will be equipped with low energy and power assist entry options. If required, RTJ Automation and Maintenance Limited will ensure the automation of all existing doors in the property to fit with access control systems.

A swing door operator is suitable for a range of properties and buildings such as: universities, visitor centres, hospital corridors, and buildings that need disabled access.

We provide the following features in our swing door operators:

• Anodised Aluminium or RAL Colour Finish
• Full Safety Features
• Push Pad or Radar Entry

• Pull or Push Arm
• Hold Open Feature
• Finger Guard Protection

• Battery Back up on Power Failure
• Entry by Digital Keypad, or Key Fob
• Barriers – Glazed or Aluminium Infill