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Automatic Doors Ringwood

Do your doors stop people entering your property? Have you thought about installing an efficient door system? Our automatic doors in Ringwood have been proven to enhance the functionality of your entrance. At RTJ Automation and Maintenance, we install reliable automatic doors to suit your requirements.

Our Ringwood automatic doors service

As the first feature anyone would use, it is essential that the entrance to your property is accessible by all. When you need flexible, Ringwood automatic doors installations and repairs for your property then at RTJ Automation and Maintenance, we have door fitting solutions to suit your needs.

Sliding door   Sliding Doors

Our sliding doors are one of the most popular doors our clients choose. Its simple yet effective design enables customers and clients to access your building with ease. Our high performance, automatic shop doors operating system will be custom built for your building and will improve the rate in which customers will enter your property.

Telescopic door

Do you want all the benefits of a sliding door in a larger design? If your property requires a wider access due to the influx of people moving in and out of your building, then you need a telescopic door. With our telescopic doors, we bring you the latest door configurations to provide fast opening operations in your door installation.

Bi-folding door

Is there only a narrow access to your property? The facilities of our bi-folding doors are beneficial to those who have limited space. They work by automatically folding in on themselves to create a welcoming, open entrance. Our bi-folding doors have been used in many hotels and restaurants who want to bring an adjustable open-plan design to their business.

Swing operated door

A swing operated door is probably the most common automatic door feature. Acting like a normal door but without the need to push or pull it open, our swing operated doors will open automatically when they recognise a person is about the enter. Equipped with low energy and power assisted entry options, our swing door operators are one of the most reliable door fittings available.

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Benefits of our automatic doors in Ringwood

When you install an automatic door to your property, you want to ensure you are putting your faith in a door that won’t break down. At RTJ Automation and Maintenance, we guarantee that you will benefit from our automatic doors in Ringwood with some benefits including:

  • Complete safety
  • Convenient access
  • Energy-saving
  • Increased security
  • Inviting presence
  • Space saving

About RTJ Automation and Maintenance

If you need a fully functional door system, then go to RTJ Automation and Maintenance. We are experts in finding innovative door solutions that will improve your building design and function. From enhancing the access to increasing your security, you will experience the benefits our automatic doors in Ringwood provide.

We hold an Acclaim Health and Safety Accreditation by Construction Line and work to ADSA standards to ensure your automatic doors are fitted correctly. Implementing the latest technology your property will welcome customers and clients with its new, contemporary architectural designs and ease of access.

Do you want Ringwood automatic doors on your property? Give RTJ Automation and Maintenance a call today on 01425 489583 or email [email protected].